Festool Product Benefits - Faster. Easier. Safer

With safety in mind, the Festool tools can meet all your expectations. Find out here what are the key features for your students to work with tools that are smarter, easier and safer.

Festool Domino Joining Systems Benefits

Festool Domino

o Quick and accurate mortising.
o Rapid joint alignment with retractable stop flaps.
o Depth stop for quick, precise adjustment to five different routing depths.

o Simple mortise width adjustment with a turn of a dial for easier joint alignment.
o Simple, precise, and intuitive adjustments.
o Patented oscillating cutter action reduces the chance of kickback.

o Viewing window allows precise safe positioning of mortises.
o Efficiency—make long-lasting mortise and tenon joints in seconds without sacrificing durability.
o Domino system is stronger and safer to produce than biscuits


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Festool Dust Extractor Benefits

Dust extraction

o Power tool-triggered activation for automatic dust extraction.
o Minimize transport time with the integrated Sys-Dock (flat top with locking latches to attach Systainers).
o Switch power tools quickly with the simple, pressure-fit hose connector.

o Reduce saw dust build-up with the included antistatic hose.
o Move easily around the jobsite with the carry handle and oversized wheels.
o Avoid tripping hazards with the built-in cord storage.

o Enjoy cleaner air with the 99.99% dust-free HEPA filters.
o Adjustable suction setting for better results and reduced noise level.
o Self clean bag allows for safe disposal of dust and full utilization of dust bag.


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Festool Plunge Cut Circular Saw Benefits


o Faster with the zero clearance guide rail and splinterguard.
o FastFix saw blade change requires just a few simple steps.
o Integrated dust extraction design reduces clean-up time and provides for a healthier work environment.

o A plunge cut circular saw can do the work of a table saw, sliding mitre saw, radial arm saw, and panel saw.
o MMC electronics deliver soft startup, constant speed under load, stepless speed control, and temperature and overload protection which protects the saw.
o Easy depth adjustment in one millimetre increments for more accurate cutting.

o Guide rail delivers safe saw guidance and quality cuts the first time around, eliminating costly rework and material waste.
o Splinterguard ensures cleaner cuts with no tear-out.
o Dust covers maximise dust extraction for a safe working environment.


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Festool Router Benefits

Festool Router

o Cut precise trenches quickly and easily with the router, guide rail and guide rail adapter.
o Solid wood edging up to 28 mm wide can be quickly and reliably trimmed using a combination of a router and accessories for solid edging.
o Small radius cuts for bistro tables, loud speaker enclosures, glazed panels, and sinks can be made precisely and easily by using the MFS routing template.

o Accurate depth adjustment in 0.1mm increments for precise rounding, chamfering, rebating and profiling edges.
o Edges should always be routed perfectly, whether they are round or chamfered. For this purpose Festool has developed the optimal accessory – for a stable base and sure guidance of the tool. Your work is much easier - uniform, clean and splinter-free.
o With its optimal weight distribution and ergonomic design, the Festool router will fit perfectly in your hand.

o Rout one edge after another, without flying chips and without tipping. This is done without any problems because of the chip deflector and the wide router base.
o When routing edges, the balance of the router using a normal base is not ideal. It can tilt at any time and ruin the edge. Using the wide base from Festool, the support area is increased and the secure guidance of the router guaranteed.
o With practical routing accessories, locks, trenches for weather-stripping, flush bolts and lock boxes can be made quickly and easily.


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Festool Orbital Sander Benefits

ETS 150 Sander

o Low vibration means less breaks and the job is completed faster.
o Faster abrasive changes with StickFix® (hook & loop) pad.
o Optimized combination of backing pads and abrasives means a great result in a short amount of time.

o Vibration-stop design reduces user fatigue during extended use.
o Ergonomic designs can be used comfortably with either hand.
o StickFix pad design enables simple changeover between abrasives.

o Jetstream design removes dust efficiently, delivering longer abrasive and pad life.
o MMC electronics deliver constant speed, leading to a more consistent finish.
o Tools and abrasives work as a system, generating exceptional results at each stage of the finishing process.


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Festool Rotex Sander Benefits

Rotex 150

o Reduce clean-up time with near total dust extraction.
o Faster abrasive changes with StickFix® (hook & loop) pad.
o Faster finish results with variable speed, optimized stroke, and dual-mode action.

o Exceptional ergonomics for comfort and control.
o Low weight and great balance.
o Minimal vibration reduces user fatigue.

o Cost effective—abrasive sheets last longer with dust extraction.
o The complete system approach delivers a better finish, cleaner environment, and longer pad and abrasive life.
o Efficient dust extraction minimizes hazardous dust.


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Festool Power Select

Power Select

o 18V batteries compatible with same voltage cordless tools.
o High speed motors for constant power..

o Swap chuck attachements between drills.
o One charger for all batteries.
o Long lasting batteries.

o Only purchase what you need.
o ECT brushless motors requiring no maintenance
o Flexible range to suit your requirements.


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Festool Planer Benefits

Festool Planer

o Depth controls are integrated into the handle, for easy adjustment on the fly.
o Single blade planer head design for rapid blade changes.
o Smooth cut performance reduces sanding time.

o Single knife cutterhead produces less noise, reducing user fatigue.
o Unlimited rabbeting feature does not leave a lip.
o High dust extraction efficiency for less clean-up time and greater work efficiency.

o Lightweight for ergonomic and safe use.
o Dust extraction can be fitted to alternate sides of the planer for safe operation.
o Convert into a bench-mounted planer, for safe planning of small peices.


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Festool Jigsaw Benefits

Festool Jigsaw

o Faster blade changes with FastFix quick release system.
o Stays on course; spend less time sanding and recutting.
o Work faster by eliminating clean-up with integrated dust extraction.

o Tool-less blade changes.
o High-performance motor generates a strong pulling force.
o Ergonomic, low vibration and smooth running, for total control.

o Precision - three way blade guide allows for safe guidance of jigsaw.
o Splinterguard - ensures tear-free cuts.
o MMC motor control - starts up smoothly and maintains a consistent cutting speed for cleaner cuts.


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Festool Kapex Sliding Compound Mitre Saw Benefits

Festool Kapex Sliding Compound Miter Saw

o Faster cut alignments with dual-laser marking system.
o Rapid miter setting with cam-action lock system.
o FastFix blade change system for rapid blade changes.

o The special design allows you to work in tight quarters.
o Angle transfer device eliminates complex angle calculations.
o Easy and precise bevel angle setting with counter spring system and fine adjustment.

o Saw clamp provides firm clamping of materials when cutting.
o Attention to air flow and system components delivers highly efficient dust extraction.


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Festool Multifunction Table Benefits

Festool Multifunction Table

o Faster based on Festool's system approach to power tools.
o Speedy set-ups for accurate cuts with the guide rail.
o Quick clamping with uniform holes and Festool clamps.

o No additional parts needed for set-up. Ready to use in minutes.
o Can be used with legs folded out, at full height, or folded in and set on the floor.
o Easier to make accurate and repeatable cuts with the guide rail and plunge cut circular saw or routers.

o Cost effective - durable long lasting design.
o Versatile - clamping accessories provide safe work options.
o Precise - safe and accurate cross-cut station when used with circular saw, guide rail, and fence.


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Festool Compact Module System Benefits

Festool Compact Module System

o Different modules for every application
o Quick tool changes.
o Hand-guided Festool machines can also be mounted on a bench

o Can be upgraded at any time
o Multifunctional table MFT 3 as a flexible, individual solution
o Robust but lightweight design

o The CMS-TS 55 set has a protective cover for healthier and safer conditions
o Cross and rip cuts up to 830mm deep with the Sliding table accessory
o Foldaway legs, main safety switch, cable holder/workpiece holder and cable


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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your tool, you can return the tool for a full refund within 30 days from purchase time.

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