See how the students from the NSW Industrial Art School have used Festool tools to complete their amazing projects:

The Mahogany Entertainment Centre

Using Festool DominoThis used the Festool saw and guide rail system to trim his boards true so that he could glue them together to create the 600mm depth he wanted. Domino joints were placed at 300mm intervals along the boards.

The oversize box pines are marked out so that their depth is equal to their width. The masking tape allows the student to centre the domino machine and cut a slot from both sides. The slots meet in the middle, allowing the Festool jig saw to pass through and trim the joints. The extra guide point that is a feature of the Festool jig saw allowed the student to cut a perfect box pins first time.

The boards were then sanded to a 220 grade finish before being assembled.

Festool Domino Festool Jigsaw with Extractor Using Festool Jigsaw
Festool Domino Festool Jigsaw


The Reading Nook Room Divider Bookcase.

Divider BookcaseThis student did an amazing job creating his major project. His mum is an architect; the original project is designed to divide a large room.

He had the huge task of joining three 2.1m x 200 x 38mm hoop pine boards to form the outside frame of his room divider. The Festool saw and guide rail produced crisp and square edges for the student so that he domino them to produce seamless 600mm wide boards. The next challenge for him was to cut the box pins and elbows to fit. We developed a novel technique using the domino machine and the Festool jig saw to cut the box pins. The elbows were all cut on a bandsaw.

Festool Plunge Cut SawThe focal point of the project is the pod in the centre that was created by laminating 3 sheets of 2400 x 1200 x 4mm hoop pine. The Festool saw and the 2.7m guide rail made quick and accurate work of ripping the sheets to width. These sheets were then wrapped around a purpose built mould before being trimmed with the Festool jig saw.

The whole project was then sanded to a fine finish with the Festool sander.

The Ipod coffee table

The student designed and built a coffee table out of 200mm wide by 38mm thick sepelle mahogany. He used the Festool saw and guide rail system to trim his boards to width before cutting domino joints gluing them together to make a seamless 400mm wide board. Four holes were then cut to make way for the four car speakers that made up his quadrasonic sound system. The mitre joints were cut with surprising accuracy with the saw and guide system set at 45 degrees. The mitre joints themselves were then strengthened with 45 degree dominos.

Ipod Coffee Table Festool Domino


The excellent finish was the product of the Festool sander.

Frank Lloyd Wright inspired tableThe Frank Lloyd Wright inspired table

The top has been assembled out of seven 150mm wide hoop pine boards that were trimmed true with the Festool saw and guide system. The top was then joined with dominoes before being sanded and then trimmed to size. The apron frame pictured was assembled with domino joints.

The interesting feature of this project was the push-me, pull-me drawers. Two double fronted drawers run under the table. In order to stop the drawers on centre rare earth magnets were embedded in both the table frame and the drawer sides. When the drawer nears centre the magnets pull the drawer to a magical stop.

Domino Joints Close Up View Domino Joint Project
Domino Joints